Bay Area Young Survivors – BAYS:  A support group for young women in the SF Bay Area with breast cancer diagnosed under age 45.  They have a subgroup for women with metastatic disease called Mets in the City – MITC.  I’m very involved with this group.

The Conversation Project:  dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

A great list of books to read about end of life, blogged by The Conversation Project in Feb 2016.  I would add the book:  Last Acts of Kindness by Redwing Keyssar, RN.  She is a personal hero of mine.

The Five Wishes is an advance directive created by Aging with Dignity, often called “the living will with a heart and soul”.  I recommend everyone fill it out.

The Commonweal Cancer Help Program – CCHP:  A retreat in Bolinas for anyone with cancer, any age, stage, type, and caregivers too.  Everyone should try to attend, I find it healing and life affirming.

Death Cafe:  Social gathering of people to eat, drink tea, and talk about death.  Usually public gatherings, I attend the one at the SF Potrero Hill Public Library.  They’re listed on the Death Cafe website, you can RSVP.  Hope to see you there!